Lane consistently recognizes its professional staff for a job well done. Promotions, bonuses and raises are a result of hard work, a good safety record and most importantly having good communication and people skills. Even if you are an experienced Superintendent, Project Engineer or Project Manager, we invite you to explore a career path with us. We're looking for enthusiastic, driven individuals who have the ability to lead and the willingness to accept new and challenging responsibilities. As our contacts become more demanding in today's market, we will seek experienced professionals outside of our own ranks to fill specialized needs.

Lane has an excellent track record of professional development. Through our training programs offered to all levels of salaried employees, we have met the challenge of providing owners with the very best construction professionals in the industry. Training programs such as Survey Means and Methods, Equipment Maintenance Training, Foreman Field Training, Harassment Prevention Training, Safety Training and Driver Training, to name a few, are designed to assist in the professional development of every supervisor. Promotions are made from within and the typical career path at Lane could lead to top executive positions within the company. Our current President and CEO started right out of college as a job engineer being promoted to various field supervisory positions. After several successful project completions, he was promoted to Regional District Manager, of the Mid-Atlantic region, and eventually became responsible for Lane’s Plants and Paving segment up until the sale of the segment in 2018 when he became Chief Operating Officer of Construction. He is now President and CEO.

Lane will also provide tuition assistance to all salaried professionals who want to enroll in higher education programs. Upon successful completion of accredited coursework, employees will be reimbursed tuition fees (up to an established maximum) associated with approved educational or vocational courses.