At Lane, we recognize and appreciate your service to our country and are honored to share the same values of Integrity, Honesty and Openness, Trust, Safety, Teamwork, and Care for People.

  1. The best employer for people with construction in their blood and high career aspirations
    Chances are good you developed either directly applicable or transferable skills while serving in the military. We invite you to contact us to share your background and experience and learn more about how you and Lane could be a good fit. We value the qualities and dedication of our service members and are always looking for ways to help veterans join Lane and be successful here.
  2. Innovation and Creativity Encouraged
    With your military training, you may be able to offer new solutions. Employees are encouraged to think creatively and find innovative solutions. Technology experience you have may be transferable.
  3. Unmatched culture based on strong heritage, shared values, teamwork and opportunity
    We value the skills you acquired and honed in the military, including dedication, resourcefulness and leadership. Those skills are directly applicable here; we value the ability to work collaboratively with others and to supervise others and help them advance. We understand that there are few feelings better than succeeding as a cohesive team with shared goals.